Dr. Lynn Ary


Don’t Be Sad for Me

This is the story of a mom and her adopted child. They have a tough start at building their bond because the baby is sick, but despite their racial differences and various challenges, their love grows deep and they become a family.

About Dr. Lynn Ary

Dr. Lynn Ary, PhD is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana. She left her hometown shortly after graduating high school for enlistment in the United States Navy. After completing two tours in the US Navy, Dr. Ary, PhD began her college training to earn a bachelors degree in psychology from Columbia College.

She has a Master’s Degree in Urban Education/Guidance and Counseling from Norfolk State University. While in Virginia, she worked as a Special Education teacher, with Hampton City Schools in Hampton, Virginia. Upon completion of her Master’s degree, she moved to Texas, to be closer to family and work in her trained field.

She holds a Doctorate degree in Psychology/Education from Walden University. Her writing career with the completion of her dissertation, where she studied Autism and the Inclusion Model of learning. Her work is currently being utilized to assist other scholars.

In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her family and friends.