Rest assured, nearly every published author has collaborated with an editor. Our team at Silly Goat Media includes highly trained and certified editors who offer a proper editorial assessment.

Through the assessment, we help determine how we can best help you.

  • Development Editing: A look at the complete structure of the book with an eye toward its overall market potential. Our team of experts will thoroughly review your book looking at the writing quality, story-telling ability, and the appeal to your intended audience.
  • Copy Editing: This type of editing represents the actual mechanics of the written word. Editing in its most traditional form, our team will help to sharpen the pencil on word choice, grammar, and the overall structure of your copy.
  • Proofreading: A final look at the copy of your book to correct any grammar or spelling errors. This step is highly recommended to all of our authors to help ensure a flawless final copy of your story is prepared for publishing.

Finding the right editor to rely on is key. When working with Silly Goat Media, you will discover our editors have proven backgrounds and offer a mentoring approach to their work. This is what makes the partnerships between our editors and authors truly genuine.

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