Believe it or not, not every published author has mastered the art of writing. Authors are often amazing storytellers, but they need help writing those ideas down. Sometimes, the challenge of bringing pen to paper is something that needs additional support.

At Silly Goat Media, our team of expert ghostwriters understands the challenges that writers bear.

Authors utilize ghostwriters in different ways:

  • Behind-the-Scenes: A collaboration solely with the author where the ghostwriter is unknown to the reader.  No credit is given at the time of publication.
  • Published Collaboration: Authors may choose to offer or include a credit in the published book which publicly acknowledges the ghostwriter by name.
  • Co-Author: Chosen when the author has yet to dive deeply into writing a book and seeks someone to take their verbal story to the page almost entirely on the author’s behalf.

When working with a ghostwriter at Silly Goat Media, know that you are in the driver’s seat. You can confidently work with a ghostwriter in any of these capacities. If you choose to have our ghostwriters work Behind-the-Scenes, they are bound to keep their role with authors confidential. Should you desire to give credit, we would certainly welcome your acknowledgment.

Connect with Silly Goat Media to learn more about the collaboration and support our team of expert ghostwriters can provide as you reach to achieve your literary dream.

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