Not everyone adheres to the age-old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The book cover is often the first impression and what influences potential readers to actually pick up your book. Our team of industry-leading designers at Silly Goat Media have created unique and attention-getting cover designs and book illustrations for our authors.

A consistent, impactful design is truly the best complement to your written word. Designers support your writing in a number of ways.

  • Cover Design: Our graphic designers will partner with the author to understand their vision and provide insightful recommendations on all cover designs. Working together to create a one-of-a-kind, uniquely designed book cover is an aspect of publishing we are extremely passionate about.
  • Illustrations: Bringing a story to life visually is one of the ultimate honors and creative challenges for any designer. Our team of passionate experts will embrace your words and interpret them into a captivating visual expression.
  • Digital Designs: Authors and their publicists will often turn to our team of designers to create the digital elements needed for their publicity campaigns. From social media content to full website development, Silly Goat Media’s design team will translate book cover designs or illustrations into any medium offering authors brand consistency.
  • Promotional Materials: As authors and publicists begin to share the news of a book’s publishing, our designers are able to curate promotional flyers and other materials to complement interviews, book signings, and other events utilizing the cover’s unique design.

Partner with a Silly Goat Media design expert and watch as your story comes to life. Our team is confident that should your book be judged by its cover; it will certainly be a compliment to your written words.

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