Author, Writer, Executive Film Producer

Chicago Phoenix

Before Larry Hall and the events of Black Bird, Jimmy Keene already has a life that most people can’t begin to imagine. As the athletically gifted son of a  beauty queen and a decorated police officer, it appears that Jimmy Keene’s promising future could take him all the way to a professional sports career. But unbeknownst to his parents, Jimmy has been secretly running a dangerous drug business since he was thirteen years old and has built a  thriving empire to support his family’s meager finances. At a young age, Jimmy weathers shootouts, brawls, and robberies. Survival is never guaranteed, but he has it all—money, power, popularity, a fleet of luxury cars, and a loyal crew.
Jimmy’s business thrives for two decades and provides him with the glamorous life he’s always dreamed about until he is arrested in 1996 and sent to prison. A few months later, Jimmy earns early release and a clean record for aiding the FBI as an undercover operative in a maximum-security prison—but he’s had a harrowing ride, and his future has still gone up in smoke.
Newly freed from his perilous prison life, Jimmy is left with nothing but the memory of his former financial success and a determination to redeem his past. This thrilling follow-up to Black Bird details Jimmy Keene’s childhood and action-packed time in the precarious drug business shares stunning additional information about his risky mission to absolve his past, and
recounts his powerful rise from the ashes to rebuild a better life as a highly successful businessman that forges his own path all the way to Hollywood.

About Jimmy Keene

Jimmy Keene is an accomplished author, businessman, and executive film producer known for his inspiring story of bravery and redemption. In his new memoir, The Chicago Phoenix: Jimmy Keene’s Untold Story, Keene shares his remarkable upbringing in crime-ridden Kankakee, IL, his early start in the dangerous drug business at age thirteen to help provide for his family, additional details about his hair-raising prison experiences, and how he rebuilt his life and found success after emerging from prison with a clean record and a fresh start—a gift he has never taken lightly. While many are familiar with his undercover FBI mission to gain information from a serial killer, Keene’s action-packed and riveting backstory spanning 20 years of navigating treacherous cartel relationships, dealing with crooked cops, and evading arrest is largely unknown. The Chicago Phoenix details how Keene’s unique personal history and hard-won skills made him the ideal candidate to infiltrate a high-security prison, absolve his past, and rise from the ashes ready to rebuild a better life and forge his own path all the way to Hollywood.