Securing a trusted partner to represent our author’s business interests is of great importance to our Silly Goat Media team.  The agent’s role is to serve as the representative for our authors and their book, negotiating actively and appropriately on behalf of every writer.

There are several benefits when working with a Literary Agent:

  • Industry Knowledge: Agents are well-versed in the publishing process and how the industry works overall. Most agents will have established connections with the media, trades, and publishing houses.
  • Negotiation: A primary responsibility of an agent will be to manage and negotiate all contracts and terms on behalf of the writer. Authors may not have the time or expertise to represent themselves in these conversations, so the agent will manage work on the Authors’ behalf.
  • Follow Through: Agents know that maintaining a consistent presence and having a regular follow-up with contacts on behalf of their authors, is what helps to keep their clients best. Being deliberate and purposeful with relationships in the industry, agents will have the ability to yield meaningful results.

Securing a literary agent is invaluable for authors in the publishing world today. The likelihood of authors and their books receiving the recognition required to make a significant impact will weigh heavily on finding the right agent to place on your team.

Silly Goat Media’s literary agents have a proven track record of successful author representation and are known as a trusted partners to authors worldwide.

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