Our team of marketing experts at Silly Goat Media will work to keep authors front and center in the industry and with potential readers. Each author will have a customized marketing plan specifically designed around the author and the story shared in their book.

Working alongside each author, our marketers will leverage the book’s narrative, author’s background, book cover design, and publicity campaign as a means to elevate the attention for each book.

Silly Goat Media’s marketing plans may include:

  • Author Brand Building: Defining how the literary world sees and gets to know each author is an important first step for every published author. Our team builds brands by understanding the author’s story, their passions both in and outside of the literary world, and how they should be presented in all forms of media.
  • Social Media Content Development: Our team specializes in curating strategic social media content that is on-brand and proven to engage audiences. We will advise on an appropriate message cadence and determine which tactics are best to drive overall visibility for our authors. Our expertise in social media helps to make Silly Goat Media a proven partner for our authors.
  • Email Campaigns: Some authors have cultivated a strong email list of dedicated readers over time and others utilize our team of experts to create a meaningful list on their behalf. We focus on crafting the right message and leverage our creative eye to masterfully build and deliver email campaigns. Authors trust in our abilities to create emails that garner the attention the authors, and their books deserve.
  • Media Kit: A critical component of author marketing, is the media kit. Media kits are designed to feature on-brand content surrounding the author’s new book and additional bodies of work. These kits highlight the opportunity to secure the author for speaking engagements and establish creditability by showcasing previous media features and earned honors. This is also the opportunity to share the author’s passion projects and charitable associations.
  • Digital Book Reviews & eCommerce: Websites frequented by loyal readers such as Goodreads and Amazon offer recommendations, book summaries, and the ability to purchase books directly. Our team knows how to leverage these sites to get the right attention paid to your book. Strategically placing ads and utilizing promotional opportunities housed within these platforms, we will achieve the downloads and book sales you desire.

Ultimately, the marketing strategies built and executed by Silly Goat Media will increase book sales and drive author creditability. Together, we can get your book in the hands of readers nationwide!

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