Relationships matter in this industry; that is certainly not a secret. Our team of publicists at Silly Goat Media have worked hard to cultivate a meaningful contact list of media and industry leaders who will take an active role in your literary success.

What to expect from a publicist?

  • Your Champion: Your publicist will create a customized publicity campaign specific to media contacts that best match your book’s genre, target audience, and the story your book shares.
  • Your Story: Just as much as your publicist will leverage their contacts who best match the audience of your book, a key aspect of their campaign will include telling the author’s personal brand story. This step is critical in establishing the author and building creditability.
  • Your Message: As your campaign comes to life, your publicist will prepare you for interviews and appearances by providing talking points, interview run-throughs, and share their thoughts on answers to the questions that are most likely to come your way.

Pitching your book and your personal story is a critical step in achieving the success you desire. Teaming up with a Silly Goat Media publicist elevates the position of authors in the industry.

Work with a Publicist

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