When authors partner with Silly Goat Media, we take the time to listen and advise our clients on the best way their book could reach the final step of publication. We will determine the best avenue for your literary dream and support you the entire way.

  • Self-Publishing: If you’re an accomplished author or are already well-versed on the nuances of publishing, you may elect to self-publish. Silly Goat Media supports you in that effort and will actively work with you in the phases before publishing to set your book up to be a success when you bring the final step to life.
  • Traditional Publishing: If your book idea is ready and you’re looking for the right fit in a publishing house, you need to trust in an expert to help you find the perfect match. Silly Goat Media has fostered meaningful partnerships between authors and publishers for years. The match will be based on genre, author, and overall compatibility.
  • Publish With Us: Silly Goat Media offers authors a full-service solution where we take the reigns and lead your book through to final publication. You will actively participate in the selection process alongside our team of experts. Together we will make your literary dream come to life!

Choosing a publisher is one of the most important decisions on your literary journey. You should make the decision that is best for you. Our team at Silly Goat Media is here to be a true and valued partner to you in this process.

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